Aragon Group owns the most creative research center (R & D) in the flooring industry

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have developed innovative products and creative deployment methods. Aragon Group has a research center made up of experts and architects renowned at European level, being one of the strong competitive advantages that we have.

We are constantly refining our products and techniques, thus offering premium services to our customers, namely the European architects and general entrepreneurs.


Top international companies use Aragon products


Our VIA products at a glance



Marble, granite, quartz, glass or other natural or sythetic aggregates, mixed with a resin and/or cement binder, poured seamlessly on site, grinded and polished to shine. It is the escape from the plane world of patterns, ready-made products. It is about hard man work and team-effort, in-depth knowledge on materials and technologies, proffesional machineries and tools, passion for perfection.


A blend of marble, granite or river stone aggregates with a flexible, clear, UV stable and water-resistant resin binder, poured seamlessly on site and mechanicaly compacted. Walk on VIA.! Open a new path!


Granite or marble aggregates scattered on a flexible, self-leveling resin layer, light grinded and transparent sealed. Natural stone looking, ant slip and heavy duty flooring, weathering resistant, is the perfect solution for the car-parking access ramps concrete protection.


Decorative and functional design objects made by “covering”all exterior facets of an plywood light structure with VIA.ZZO material, afterwords, manualy grinded and polished.